Segula Griswold has many 3D capabilities in-house or through strategic partnerships, such as soft trim, foam, casting, kinematics, and show-quality properties.

Foam Core
A foam core mock-up is very useful for quickly creating dimensional models to evaluate basic packaging space and location of components in an environment.

SLS/SLA Rapid Prototype
Rapid Prototypes are created directly from CAD data and exactly represents the design in 3D CAD. These rapid prototypes can then be integrated into currently existing assemblies to evaluate fit, finish, and some functionality.

Cut & Weld
Cut and Weld parts are mocked up out of steel quickly for complex moving mechanisms. This allows time for engineering evaluation and some limited testing before enduring the cost of fully tooled prototypes.

Soft Tooled Prototypes
Soft tooled prototypes are used for design validation testing and tooling feasibility